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PowerHook - Qty 10




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PowerHook - Qty 100




Orders are shipped in 1-5 days.  No returns or refunds.


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Now shipping to Canada and Australia.  For orders outside the U.S., shipping costs
will be invoiced separately
after your order is placed.  

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With PowerHook, there is no need for nails, toggle bolts, or wire hangers.  You can hang your objects up to 120 lbs anywhere on drywall without needing to anchor to a stud.

Just punch a small hole in the drywall, insert the hook and press down. When you hang your piece on the hook, gravity pulls the hook flush with the wall. That’s it. See diagram.

Order the PowerHook picture hook today and receive free shipping on all U.S orders.

Made in the USA, the PowerHook is constructed of 12 gauge steel plated with yellow zinc and is embossed with a beautiful scroll design.

Choose your quantity and save. Free shipping on all U.S. orders.

Hanging Pictures And Mirrors With PowerHook